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hörbert - my felt bag to make yourself


Desired by our creative customers. Now available!

The sewing set for your own hörbert-Felt bag.


Spending time together and creating something with the child encourages communication and is fun.

With this set you can create a suitable cover for your hörbert. The illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy for beginners to sew the bag.

The instructional video can be found at https://www.hoerbert.com/videos


Please note: Since hörbert's switch used to be in a different position, this set contains two variants of the top side. Please try out the right felt part for the top side before sewing.



6 pre-punched felt blanks

8m sewing thread brand Anchor Freccia strength 6

1 darning needle



100% polyester felt, 100% cotton yarn. Vegan. Only hand wash.

Weight: 133 g


Safety information

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of strangulation due to long string. Needle! Danger of injury. Use only under adult supervision.


      GREEN: 19.00 € incl. VAT Shipping rates      

      DARK PINK: 19.00 € incl. VAT Shipping rates      

      ORANGE: 19.00 € incl. VAT Shipping rates      

      BLUE: Price 19.00 € incl. VAT Shipping rates      


Distribution only in usual household quantities and not for commercial purposes. Supplied in individual parts! Offer only while stocks last. Warranty only on modified components.